Ignite hope and courage.

We inspire bravery, hope, and confidence in ourselves and in others as change agents who can and must work to shape more sustainable and equitable schools and communities. 

Care and collaborate.

We nurture collaborative, respectful relationships.  We spend time face to face with others from different backgrounds, sharing experiences and supporting each other on our path toward a sustainable future. We take care of each other.

Embrace diversity.

The journey toward sustainable schools and communities depends on our ability to embrace diversity, inclusion, and equity and to learn from each other. Complex human dynamics impact nearly every aspect of our work and require our most open hearts and minds. 

Do the right thing.  Do it remarkably well. 

We are responsible to the schools and communities in which we work and live, consistently striving to exceed expectations. We work in accordance with our values and never stop learning more. 

Shape a greener future.

We deepen personal connections to nature, build environmental literacy, tread lightly on the earth, and create opportunities to steward our environment. We use science to guide our decisions, and we work to make a difference to the human and more-than-human world.

PO Box 2891     |     Portland OR 97208     |     503.960.5252

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