Eco-School Leadership Training for Schools

Members of the Eco-School Network generally begin by taking the Network’s four-week Eco-School Leadership Training. The trainings are led by Jeanne Roy, ESN founder and Board President, Amy Higgs, Executive Director, assisted by a co-leader and a host who have initiated successful projects in their child’s school.

This specialized course is ideal for parents of elementary-age students who would like to “green” the practices and values their students are exposed to at school. It focuses on how you as an individual can help facilitate these changes with the support and help of others.

During the training, you solidify a vision for change, and the class gives you the tools and strategies to be successful. In addition to creating a complete plan for action, core skills gained from the training include how to:

  • Be more effective in recruiting others to your cause
  • Create an engaged core group
  • Set and reach your goals
  • Maintain project momentum

As a kick-off to joining the Eco-School Network, the training provides a multitude of benefits:

  • Helping you to focus in on one project, in which you are likely to find success in the near term
  • Hearing case studies—what worked, what didn’t work
  • Having access to an electronic Members Only sharing site for resources such as files and online discussions
  • Getting feedback from others on your ideas
  • Being able to confer with parents who have done similar projects in the past
  • Having a class “mentor” with whom you can use as a “sounding board”
  • Gaining more confidence in taking first steps
  • Building relationships with parents and teachers at other schools

If you would like to take the training, the first step is to contact Amy Higgs at (503) 960-5252 or send an email.

Once you complete the training, you become a member of the Eco-School Network.

I had a continuing sense that a community was being formed between class members throughout the Agent of Change course and also a spirit of hope…that there has been success with the ideas being shared and that goals could be reached.

The course definitely motivated me to take on my project. I may not have tried to start a composting and recycling system at my school if I had not taken the course. The leaders and members of the class were friendly and supportive.

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