Forming a Network Inside the Portland Metropolitan Area

The Center for Earth Leadership supports Eco-School Networks (ESNs) within the Portland Metropolitan Area. The Portland, Beaverton, and West Linn ESNs are active and open to parents of elementary students in those communities.

If you are in another Portland area community and would like to have an ESN in your community, please contact the Center for Earth Leadership at or 503-227-2315. We will work with you and share any information we have about interest in your community.

In forming a new ESN, generally the following steps are taken:

  • A parent, citizen, school, or other organization in the community is interested and gets in touch with the Center to talk with a member of our ESN team.
  • Together they consider if a community organization in the district might be a good partner in the start-up process. Examples include parent organizations, children’s organizations, and nature centers.
  • If there is a small group with interest, a member of the Center ESN team will meet with that group to discuss next steps.
  • An informational meeting is planned for interested parents and teachers from at least four elementary schools in the community.
  • Following the informational meeting, a training will be scheduled for interested parents and teachers. The Center staff will conduct the training. There is no cost for that service.
  • After the training, a local steering committee will form to guide the new ESN in supporting the work of ESN parents and teachers at their respective schools.

Forming a Network Outside the Portland Metropolitan Area

The Center has a video for use outside the Portland Metropolitan Area. If you are a parent, teacher, or organization in another community, please contact the Center to express your interest. If you have a group of interested people, a conference call can be arranged for a group discussion.

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