What is the Eco-School Network?  

The Eco-School Network trains and supports parents who engage students in advancing sustainability in their elementary schools. The goal is to help schools become models of sustainability so that students can develop the values and skills needed to preserve a healthy environment for all. Trained parents are grouped into four distinct networks – Portland, Beaverton, West Linn, and North Clackamas – where they share resources and ideas and motivate and inspire one another.   

Take a look at what Changemakers have done this past year:

Schools Becoming a Model of Sustainability

We are a nonprofit organization that supports a group of dedicated parents making changes at the grassroots level. We support ecologically sound practices, habits, and values in our children’s schools through hard work and dedication. We foster in children a belief that they CAN do something that makes a difference. As our society attempts to move toward an ecologically sustainable future, it is important that the schools model practices that reinforce the role we all play in learning, growing, and living in a healthy environment.

We are a tax-exempt organization and our IRS tax identification number is 71-1029665.

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

—Native American proverb

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