Reuse and Recycling: Kristin Vande Zandschulp at Findley Elementary-

Where do all those scissors go, year after year? This and other questions have puzzled parents with school-age children for years. Kristin at Findley decided to take action. She had seen that at the end of the school year contents of desks and lockers are dumped into the trash and hauled away. She knew there was a better way.

Kristin got recycling tubs from Washington County and set up an easy sort system for each grade level. They were labeled (1) rulers, scissors and glue sticks; (2) markers, pencils and crayons; (3) other. She left them in place the last week of school and then took a full van load home to sort. Kristin was able to amass a lot of items for reuse and donated them to back to teachers, the school art and literacy program, and to Rafael House.


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